DNA-Nanoparticles as ocular drug delivery plattform

nano-I-drops technology is a novel, patent protected carrier system for efficient delivery of drugs into the eye.


We develop cornea-adhering eye drops based on synthetic DNA nanotechnology. Due to microphase separation, amphiphilic DNA strands self-assemble into nanoparticles having a hydrophobic interior and a corona of single stranded DNA. Both, interior and corona, are perfectly suited to accommodate a variety of active compounds. The high affinity of the nanoparticles to the cornea allows for a much lower concentration of the medication and less frequent administration. This results then in a better compliance and a higher effectiveness of the drug, followed by significantly reduced side effects.


nano-I-drops technology can be combined with a wide variety of ophthalmic drugs, including the ones that have been abandoned due to severe side effects or lack of formulation. nano-I-drops is addressing at the moment the biggest segments of 16.2 billion US$ ophthalmic market: glaucoma and anti-infectives.


Besides an in-house pipeline for glaucoma and antibiotic eye drops, we are further conducting research on therapy options for dry eye and retinal diseases.

Collaboration opportunities

We additionally offer custom made nanoparticles to enhance drug delivery for partners. The versatility of our platform technology allows us to load almost any kind of active substance.


If you want to improve the uptake and efficiency of your drug candidate, feel free to contact us to discuss possible collaboration projects.


The commercial development of nano-I-drops started in 2012 when our interdisciplinary life science team of two chemists, biologist and medical doctor won a Venture Challenge competition. Joint efforts helped to further translate our technology and knowledge from academic research to commercial value which was acknowledged by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) through support of the EXIST program for promoting entrepreneurship.


nano-I-drops will be launched shortly as a spin-out of the Eye Hospital Tübingen and University of Groningen with access to the excellent infrastructure of both institutes, which includes a clinical trial unit.

Prizes & funding

Poster Prize DOG 2014
Poster Prize DOG 2014
Winner Poster Prize DOG 2013
Poster Prize DOG 2013
Winner of the Dutch Venture Challenge 2012
Venture Challenge 2012
Winner Science4Life Concept Phase 2015
Science4Life Concept Phase 2015
2. Place Science2Start 2014
Science2Start 2014
Winner EYEnovative Research Prize 2013
EYEnovative Research Prize 2013

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+49 7071 29 87888



further information: University Eye Hospital Tübingen

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